How Flight prices can be tracked with Google Home?

how flight prices can be tracked with google home

Google Home, which Is rival to the search giant’s Amazon Echo, can now help the users in finding the great prices on flights and trips. Google flights is a dedicated tool that helps people in finding flights to the destinations within their price range based on dates, places, or interests. But now with an update, Google Ported some of its travel planning prowess over to Assistant and Google Home. Now you can get flight prices and enable email notifications related to the dropping of prices by using just your voice. Here is how you can do this on your Google Home Setup:

Get Started

  • Turn on the option of Personal results for getting the information for the existing flights. But you don’t need to turn on the personal results for finding the new flights or tracking the prices of the flights.
  • Sign into the same Google Account that you used for setting up of Google Home.
  • Create a Gmail account, if you don’t have one already. The flight info is pulled from the Gmail account that is associated with the Google account used for setting up Google Home.
  • Google Home Support can be taken in case of any difficulty or query.

Get Flight Info

Find Flight Info and track prices

For finding the flight info and tracking prices you can use these types of commands:

  • Find a flight: Just Say OK Google, Find me cheap flights.
  • Track Flight prices: Say OK Google, how much are the flights to Canada in 2 weeks?
  • Find a flight to a region: Say OK Google, how much are the flights to London? Or you can ask cheap flights to Bangkok.
  • Find a flight to a destination: Say Ok Google, Find me flights to Las Vegas.
  • Filter by airline: Say Ok Google, find me flights with United.
  • Filter by dates: Say Ok Google, I would like to depart on 10th Or Return one day later.
  • Filter by stops: Say Ok Google, find me the non-stop flights.
  • Next Flights: Say Ok Google, Next flight to Paris.
  • Route schedule: Say Ok Google, what is the schedule of flights to Hawaii.

Once you will start tracking flights you will get notifications through email and Google Now Cards. In case of any difficulty you can take Google Home Help.

Get information for existing flights

For hearing this info, you need to be sure that the option of personal results is turned on. Here you can hear the information related to date, time, airline, destination, and origin of the following:

  • Next upcoming flight: Say Ok Google, my next flight, or what time is my upcoming flight or my flight to New York
  • Upcoming multiple flights: Say OK Google, when are my upcoming flights or my flights in December. here you will hear the information for your next three scheduled flights.
  • Time and delay status: Say OK Google, is my flight on time or is my British airways flight delayed.
  • In case of any query or difficulty you can take Google Home Com Support.

Find fun things to do on your trip

For finding the fun activities that you can do on your trip you need to say OK Google, tell me things to do in Paris. For any kind of information you can navigate to Google Home Guide.


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