Microsoft’s Skype Messaging and Video Chat Services Down

microsoft_s skype messaging and video chat services down

A variety of online services of Microsoft suffered outages for many hours on Tuesday across Western Europe and the Eastern United States, according to technical supported sites of the company. Among the affected services were Microsoft’s office 365 online software, Xbox Live gaming service, email service Outlook com, and Skype, according to their official website. Skype Help can be taken for more information.

Microsoft is struggling to repair an issue with video messaging service. The tech giant has yet to confirm whether there have been any issues, but the users all across are reporting an inability to get online with the app.

The latest to affect the Skype service in the recent months is outage, after a smaller issue struck the service back in December. The first report of this outage came at 11am GMT this morning.

The independent website Down Detector monitors social media mentioning to track the outages and problems with the services. Down detector also claims that immense majority of the reported issues with the Skype at the moment are from users having trouble logging into the service or Skype Not Responding.

Other users are complaining that they can’t receive messages and even they are unable to make Skype calls as well. The Skype status site also note that there has been an issue. It said that they are currently working hard to resolve the issues, where users are not able to authenticate into Skype with their Microsoft’s account. They are hoping to restore the service as soon as possible.

The spokesperson of Microsoft said in a statement that they are aware of the fact that some users are experiencing issues while signing in to some services including. Engineers are working hard to resolve these issues as soon as possible.

The Outlook email system of the company was appearing to be down for many users across the world with customers taking to social media to complain about this. Xbox Live services also appears to be affected in some of the regions. Skype Mic Not Working seems to be hit in Japan and the east US coast.

Users also report that error messages appearing saying the server can’t sign them in or declaring their correct passwords to be incorrect. These appears to be an issue with Microsoft’s authentication servers, as per pointed out by the Trade Publication computing system. In UK, the users started reporting the outages around the mid-day.


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